There is an existing debate that as to whether our ever-advancing technology has truly connected us all or otherwise it created a lonely world and it’s pretty difficult for a person to get to know the real identity of a person.

If you’re a jet-setter, wanderlust or just a backpacker who loves to travel to new places and wants to meet new people it’s always a privilege that was completely exposed to different language, different culture, and different lifestyle and if you happen to be using a free dating app on your phone, then it might help create a connection between you and the locals in the place that you’re visiting or who knows, you might win a friend or earn a more intimate relationship.

In this article, I will teach you how to take full advantage of using a Free Dating App while you’re traveling to other places.

  • CHOOSE THE CLOSEST MAJOR CITY- As we all know, dating apps use our Global Positioning System (GPS) feature in our smartphones to locate the nearest people around us. You should choose a city where you can drop by for a night or two and start searching for profiles in your dating app. In this way, you can maximize your chances of meeting new people or maybe cross paths with people like you.
  • MEASURE THE DISTANCE ALWAYS- You should determine always the distance between the airport and the name of the area where you are currently located. In this way, there could be a very good reason since a lot of travelers always have a stopover in between their trips and they could log-in with their dating apps through airport WiFi or coffee shops and there could be a chance that a person might like their profile but doesn’t know their exact and current location, who knows the person that liked the profile might just be a few meters away from each other.
  • KNOW THE PURPOSE- If you’re planning to meet people to guide you and learn about their culture and other stuff about their place or you’re there to meet someone that you wanna date or spend an intimate time then you should set your mind first before making a move. This might create a wrong impression to the person that you’ve liked in your dating app.
  • IDENTIFY FAKE PROFILES- One way to determine a fake is that it only puts a one-liner or just a sentence when it comes to describing themselves. Aside from that, another easy way to spot a fake profile is that they’re using fake photos, they could be using a picture perfect for a thousand likes for Instagram or a picture of a celebrity or a model that is obviously don’t use dating app. You should feel doubtful if you happen to encounter a blonde chick or a blue-eyed guy who are from an Asian country; for sure there’s a hundred percent chance that they are using someone’s picture and not theirs.
  • SET A BOUNDARY- If you’re purpose is just a tour guide and nothing more, you should tell them even before you started spending time with them especially the locals. They might develop a feeling with you that might ruin your friendship.